Admission of Postgraduate Students

ITMO University provides training at postgraduate level for highly qualified staff in 20 areas including Mathematics and Mechanics, Physics and Astronomy, Computer Science and Control Systems Technology (check the full list).

International students can enroll in ITMO University either in state-sponsored places carried out in accordance with international treaties and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation or as full-fee paying students, through contracts paid as individuals and (or) legal entities. Training in postgraduate study is full-time.

In order to enroll, applicants must take competitive entrance exams:

• based on their specific discipline;
• for one foreign language (English, German, French).

Entrance examinations for foreign citizens to enroll in postgraduate study:

1. For state-sponsored international students, i.e. within the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation’s quota, entrance examinations are not carried out.

2. For full-fee paying international students, they must pass the following competitive entrance exams:

• based on their specific discipline
• for one foreign language (English, German or French).

3. Remote entrance exams are available for international students at their place of residence. Such testing is composed of two stages:

• mandatory computer testing
• oral and/or written part using remote technologies.

Entrance exams cannot be retaken. Entrance examination results for postgraduate study are valid for one calendar year.